Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Miscarriage Recovery- betas to period

Click on the above link to get to my chart post miscarriage. It's the chart that starts on 6.25.07 at for the pregnancy of 9 weeks.

Post Miscarriage Beta:

6/25/07 (Day of miscarriage) Beta: 432

7/02/07 (One week post m/c) Beta:220

7/09/07 (Two weeks post m/c) Beta:48

7/11/07 I finally tested negative on a HPT that is sensitive to 10-50 mIU.

Post miscarriage bleeding:

I bled and spotted for 16 days after the miscarriage. I stopped for about a week. Then I started spotting again for a day and passed a piece of retained tissue.

My period started 34 days after the natural miscarriage. My doctor does not hold to the 20 day rule about no bleeding or spotting.

Post miscarriage ovulation:

I believe that I ovulated 20 days after the miscarriage. I got a positive OPK and red streaked EWCM. In fact the EWCM was more than I had ever seen before. I had one good temp shift but then my temps were up and down to my coverline. I believe that I did ovulate but my progesterone was still falling from the pregnancy. This was obviously not a good or strong ovualtion. My period started 13 days later.

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