Monday, May 5, 2008

15 Week Appointment

TMI time.

At my initial OB intake appointment it was discovered that I had a bacterial infection. They didn't inform me of it until I made an appointment at 12 weeks. Normally they wait to treat this infection until the second trimester just to be safe. I got a one dose treatment but was advised to stop the progesterone suppositories cold turkey. That was my security blanket! I had planned to wean off the suppositories because I didn't want to see any spotting.

One in four pregnant women will get bacterial vaginosis so it's pretty common. It's actually more common than a yeast infection. BV carries an increased risk of miscarriage so I of course freaked out. I'm not really familiar with "normal" pregnancy discharge because I was on progesterone suppositories for the first 12 weeks. I started seeing more white discharge and worried that the infection was back. With the infection the first time, I had no red neon flashing sign symptoms which can also be common.

My OB thinks that I just have a yeast infection. I swear that man loves stats. "15-20% of women treated for bacterial vaginosis get a yeast infection afterwards" I told him I was concerned since BV is associated with a higher risk of miscarriage. He told me that didn't cause my other miscarriages. Sigh. I *know* that but I'm worried about THIS pregnancy. He reassured me that I can call him any time I have a question.

I asked him if they would measure my cervical length at the level II ultrasound at the genetic counselor's. He said they would, but how did I know about that. I told him too much time on the internet. :) I was a little concerned after having all the infertilty/Recurrent Pregnancy Loss testing procedures (SHG, HSG, EMB, IUI) in such a short time plus I've had cervical biopsies in the past for HPV. Then he tells me that cervical length didn't cause my other miscarriage either. Right, but about THIS pregnancy? He told me D&C are used for birth control in Russia and they don't have a higher rate of miscarriage so he doesn't feel that those procedures which dilate the cervix affect cervical length very much. Threw some more stats in. Mentioned that I can call him with questions again.

He used the doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat. He didn't tell me the heart beat rate today and for some reason I didn't ask. Chris and I just looked at each other like smiling fools while we listened. Then he measured the fundal height for the first time ever. I was nervous about how that would go down with me being overweight. He said it was *perfect.*

So far I've gained 4 lbs. I wish I'd kept it lower but I had a pig out week or two in between appointments that included McDonalds and donuts. I know I'm not eating for two but it's still nice to indulge in a craving as long as the weight is okay. My breasts could easily be those 4 pounds that I gained. Seriously, porn stars would be jealous that I got these big boobs for free. ;)

My OB was so nice and talked to us for a long time. Including about me still driving the truck. Mentioned I could call him any time at least twice more. LOL So it was a good appointment but I would have rather left with another RX for the bacterial infection just to be safe. My OB was really nice about it all but as soon as he left to look for samples of YI cream, I asked Chris if I really sounded like a paranoid freak.

I mean, I must sound like a paranoid freak or my OB has ESP because I THINK like a paranoid freak most of the time. FYI: Two miscarriages in a row will definitely put you on the paranoid side of the fence.


Stephanie said...

I'm glad your appt went well. :)

carol said...

From Carol
I am always thinking of you, and read your blogs from time to time. (I was going to have a baby around the same time Oct 27 until I miscarried 2 months ago). SO I always am rooting for you. Take care and know that there are so many people out here who care about you.