Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Baby Shower...

for us! It's hard to believe it's really time for our own baby shower. A special day to celebrate this baby boy.

Today when we woke up, Patches was kicking me like normal. I usually tell Christopher about it so he can get a quick feel while we're both right together.
Chris put his hand on my belly and shook it just a little saying hello. Then right as he placed his hand flat on the sweet spot, Patches gave one of his power kicks! (We're talking the kind that can move the remote control or whatever is resting on my tummy.) Chris pulls his hand back in surprise, saying "Wow, what do those feel like on the inside?!"

They feel awesome.

It was like Patches was telling us to come on, get up already! It's his big day, pre-birthday. We have things to do! It's baby shower time.

My sister in law, Caroline has been so supportive of us during the past year. She hosted the baby shower at her house. It was beautifully decorated and everything I could have dreamed for.

Christopher, Tracy, and Patches

Some of the party ballons.

This cute little guy was one of the ballon weights.

Some of the favors around the cake.

This cake was beautifully decorated as a baby carriage. It was a vanilla cake with a creme layer. The two wheels were chocolate cupcakes. "A Baby Is A Precious Gift"

Sister in law, Caroline with the beautiful cake. Her mom, Mrs. Ernst is looking on in the background.

We played some really fun games. The guys even enjoyed participating.

We were shown this tray for one minute. Then we had to write down all the items that we could remember. My friend, Bonnie won this one easily!

Then we played a baby word scramble game. Again Bonnie put most of us to shame. I think her youth helped her. My pregnancy induced attention deficient disorder gave me serious trouble! Who knew "rodeomothh" was motherhood and "unserry hemry" was nursery rhyme?

Bonnie, again a winner. This time of "Guess How Big the Momma To Be's Belly Is." The object was to cut a piece of yarn just long enough to wrap around my stomach at the biggest point. I dreaded this game a little since it basically makes fun of how big I am! But it turned out fun to play. Christopher (thank you, honey!) and the twin 6 year olds, Amber and Zachary were the closest after Bonnie. Everyone else had miles of extra yarn! Apparently I do look THAT big. :)

Christopher helping the twins, Amber and Zachary measuring and cutting their yarn.

Debbie, the official winner of the "Find The Baby Pin Game." There were 80 baby pins inside the bowl covered with uncooked rice. The object was to find as many pins as possible during one minute. It was a lot harder than what it looked like because the rice was bigger than the small pins. Debbie shifted through and found four. I found NONE!

Mrs. Ernst who finished second place after a tie breaker.

My mother in law, Margaret, playing the game.

My other sister in law, Alice.

Brother in law Steve who thought he had a plan to win.

Christopher finding two pins and managing to spill rice all over the floor!

Chef Christopher with his yummy lasagne! I know he won't let us starve after the baby is born.

We had lots of good food and good times. It was the perfect baby shower! I'm going to blame it on pregnancy hormones, but when I think back over the evening I start to cry. We enjoyed ourselves so much.

Thank you, Caroline for hosting it. And thank you to all those that came and for all the gifts we received. Patches is one lucky boy.


Stephanie said...

Tracy I am so happy for you that you had such an amazing shower, so many people to share their love with you and who can't wait to love your baby. Seeing you and Chris in those pictures looking so happy and excited, after all you've been through, it is amazing. I am sitting here crying I am so happy for you guys. The pictures are all beautiful, and you look so beautiful too! You definitely have that pregnancy glow about you. I think of you guys all the time and I am so so so happy for you!

Newt said...

I'm so glad to have an update--I've been wondering how things were going with you!

The baby shower looks really beautiful and fun. It's wonderful to see how many people love Patches before he even gets here.

And Tracy, you look radiant. It does a girl's heart good to see you.

Kristin (kekis) said...

Appears that you all had a great time & enjoyed good food, too. You look gorgeous! I can't believe you're almost THERE. Viability? Check! Baby? Almost!

More blog posts, please. Thanks for proving you're still around. :)

Gena L said...

I'm so super happy for you! It looks like you had a wonderful time....I'm sure there are many great & wonderful times ahead for you!!

Stoner said...

Adorable baby shower party pictures!! Thanks for sharing...

AngelsAmid said...

Looks like you had a great shower! I want to eat the cake MMM :)

You have no idea how happy I am for you.