Sunday, September 21, 2008

Car Seat Inspection

We got our car seat inspected over the weekend. The hospital does it monthly by appointment, free of charge.

We were supposed to show up to the inspection with it installed and the car seat direction book. So last minute, Christopher and I tried putting it in the night before.

We couldn't use the latch system in the middle because the anchor points were too far apart according to the directions. We read that AFTER trying for several minutes to get it tightened up enough.

The next option was to use the seat belt to latch the base in. However we couldn't find the locking bar necessary to use with our seat belt. It was supposed to be included with the car seat.

So Chris got it installed on the passenger side back seat. He did an awesome job getting it tight enough. We really wanted it to be in the center for safety but didn't know how to over come the seat belt problem.

When we got to the hospital, the women doing the inspection congratulated Christopher for getting the car seat installed correctly! Yay, we passed.

She then asked us if we wanted to try it installed in the center. We told her the problem with the anchor latches and that we couldn't find the latch bar to work with the seat belt. She quickly flipped the seat over and showed us where the manufacter's had hid the latch bar. Viola!

So she and Christopher got it secured in the middle with the seat belt locking it in tight. This pretty much requires two people to do it since our seat belt doesn't lock in place on its own. Chris said that base isn't getting moved for a long time!

Here we tested it out.

It's kind of strange to see the car seat whenever I turn around to back up. I can't wait until our little guy is here to get his first ride home.


Kristin (kekis) said...

Hopefully Patches isn't QUITE that furry, but I'm sure he'll be cuter!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

How exciting! You're another step closer to bringing your little fella home!!!!!!!