Monday, October 8, 2007

A corny-copia


1. Classical Mythology. a horn containing food, drink, etc., in endless supply, said to have been a horn of the goat Amalthaea.
2. a representation of this horn, used as a symbol of abundance.
3. an abundant, overflowing supply.
4. a horn-shaped or conical receptacle or ornament.

Okay, mine doesn't have an endless supply of corn but it is overflowing abundantly with fake flowers and ceramic squash.

I engaged in a little retail therapy at Old Time Pottery. That place is over flowing with cheap decorating and home furnishing items. Probably all made in China. Chris suggested that I check everything for lead paint. Probably not a bad idea, actually.

So I bought a very empty cornucopia there. I bought several sprigs of plastic flowers, some grape vine, and ceramic squash/pumpkin things. A little assembly and...

Voila, a cornucopia centerpiece worthy of my dinner table.

Chris actually noticed it and thought it looked "nice." It says a lot that he even noticed.

Okay, it's officially fall our house despite the sunny 80 degree weather outside.

Can't wait until Christmas time. Lovely strings of lights decorating palm trees in sunny 80 degree weather.

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