Sunday, December 2, 2007

Are my ovaries the size of softballs?

Or what?

This must be payback since I had none of my normal ovulation cramping when I was supposed to be ovulating from the trigger.

This cramping stuff started after my IUI and reached a crescendo today. I've got typical cramps in my ovary areas and now this pinching in the center started. I have no illusions that the center pain isn't related to my ovary size. I've had pretty massive cysts before and the pain didn't confine itself to just my little old ovary. There's only so much room in there after all.

This can be totally normal after ovulation so I'm not currently freaking out. It's just that all that constant rumbling makes it difficult to put all this suspense of the 2WW out of my mind.

I just hope it means there's some healthy CL cysts in there and not really softballs.

Overall I'm doing well. The germ factory (aka my husband) has finally sent a shipment of his finest product my way. I started with a sore throat in early morning that I kept trying to play off as allergies or the air conditioning bothering me. By evening time, I know I have his cold. No doubt about it.

Why would should any 2WW be uneventful?

I have some hope for a success but I think it's realistic hope tempered by the sperm count. At least we know my ovaries can respond well to the Clomid.
Take that Dr Creepy Skulker.

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Anonymous said...

HI There -

My name is Stacey. I am 32 and I received my first positive test. It was my very first one. It was the best day of my life. Then the nurse called and said "I hate to burst your bubble, but your probably test + from the ovidrel. Burst my bubble?? Are you kidding me? I (we) told everyone. Now I am on the net looking for every bit of information I can find. I took another one today and the 2nd line looked a lot darker. Wouldn't the line have stayed the same color or gotten lighter if it was because of the ovidrel? Don't try calling the pregnancy test people or the ovidrel people cause they just k=don't know.