Monday, March 24, 2008

3 out of 3 plus a scare!

Leading up to today, I've have my share of nervous thoughts. I started bleeing with my first pregnancy at 8 weeks 5 days and lost it at exactly 9 weeks.

Today with my third pregnancy I'm 8 weeks and 6 days.

I had a huge, terrifying scare this morning. I touched my cervix when I was inserting the progesterone suppository. Big gush of blood. :( I tried to rationalize it by thinking that my cervix is extra sensitive because of the pregnancy and the progesterone adds to that. But, seriously. It was a lot of blood. Bright, bright red. Not what you want to see any time when pregnant let alone after having two miscarriages.

It was awful. I continued spotting all morning.

I didn't want to tell Christopher about the spotting right away. Instead I went to my acupuncture appointment and tried to take it easy. When I returned home I folded some laundry while sitting on the couch. We had about 30 minutes before it was time to leave for the RE appointment. Chris asked me what was wrong. He's pretty dang perceptive that husband of mine, because I was trying to keep the brave face on. So I told him about the bleeding.

We had a normal ride down to the RE's office. We got into the parking lot and sat in the car for a few minutes. All of a sudden Chris started digging in the center console for napkins. Big fat tears are just rolling down his face and he tried to wipe them away with the napkin. I had been holding my own until that moment. It reminded me all too well of the time when I miscarried the first time. We knew it was over at that time and he cried a few tears. It was so heartbreaking back then to see this big strong husband of mine cry over losing our baby. It was no less heartbreaking today. I didn't want to do this to my husband again. I did not want to lose this baby and relive all that agony. We both ended up wiping away tears, fearing the worst.

The doctor entered the room and asked me how I was doing. Before I could even answer, she asks why I'm always so down looking at the start of each u/s appointment. She really must not have a lot of RPL patients. This is nerve wracking, lady! Once you have lost your pregnancy innocence nothing is taken for granted.

I told her about the bleeding and she asked a few questions before starting the u/s.
She immediately showed me the baby's heartbeat. She took a few measurements: crown to rump is measuring 8 weeks 6 days (exactly as it should!) and the heartbeat was up to 165.



I asked her if she could tell where the placenta was. She changed settings and measured my cervix first. It was a normal length. Then she pointed out vascular areas on top of the cervix where the placenta was partially covering it. Cause of bleeding found!

It's still early enough that the placenta will probably migrate upward as the uterus grows. It's definitely something that we'll keep an eye on as it can be extremely dangerous.

I was told to discontinue the baby aspirin as that could be contributing to the bleeding. I'm also on pelvic rest until the placenta moves up. No problem. The progesterone suppositories aren't doing much for our sex life for either one of us.

But the baby is doing fine! Perfect in fact! It's still scary and it's still early yet.

I'm very thankful to God for this miracle.

From there we went to my first OB appointment. It was so nice to walk in there with some confidence and hope. The last few times I was there it was after miscarriage #1and #2.

We spent quite some time in my OB's office discussing my treatment and the crazy cycle that I had when I got pregnant. Thankfully the RE had given me the betas and Chart Summary (including the u/s measurements) so my OB could use those to date my pregnancy. I was dreading going through that since my LMP puts me 2 weeks ahead. I officially have a 10.28.08 due date. Give or take two weeks either way. ;)
Gosh, I actually think we may make it!

I had an internal exam and pap. The doctor asked for two of those huge medical cotton swabs from the nurse. He told me I did have some bleeding and he needed to clear it away. Otherwise my cervix was okay.

As the nurse was cleaning things up, she opened the medical waste can. On top were the cotton swabs just drenched in blood. Ugh. I said something about it and the doctor said he didn't want me to see those!

Since I had the bleeding, my OB wants to see me in two weeks. I'll be 11 weeks. We're going to try the doppler but I really don't see it picking up the heartbeat with my extra curves and tilted uterus. He said we'd do an u/s if necessary.
I'm going to ask if we can start with the doppler in the u/s room!

Oh well, at least it's not too long of a wait until my next OB appointment. I was so spoiled with the weekly u/s at the RE.

Baby is good. And for now, so am I. :)


Gena & Josh said...

I am so freakin' happy for you! Hang in there....the 2ww is going to stink, but you will make it through!

AngelsAmid said...

Im so sorry you had such a scare. Its so hard to see our DHs cry. It just melts my heart (usually makes me cry too) Sounds like you have a great DH! I'm so glad to hear the baby looks perfect! =) I'm so happy for you. I hope the rest of the time is smooth and easy. You'll continue to be in my prayers.

Todd and Kristin (kekis) said...

Tell Chris if he cries again that he'll need to hand me a napkin first. As you said, the innocence of pregnancy is gone after a loss. You have a very positive outlook - and for a good reason! I wish you both so many blessings and appreciate the kind words you've given me. Keep us posted!

Trish said...

baby pictures! Heartbeat! YAY!

I'm glad you're feeling more confident... I'm sending placenta moving thoughts..

Chris crying just breaks my heart. But I'm so glad he's so there for you.

Anonymous said...

I just had a miscarriage yesterday after 8weeks and 1 day. It came on all of a sudden, and I am in a state of shock. But I am happy for you, and I think it is so helpful that you have this site. Thank you, and please take care.

Emily said...

Oh I'm so excited for you! Late October is a great time to have a baby! Hehe.

I'm still praying for you!

Newt said...

Oh my gosh, what a roller coaster. I am so sorry that little shrimpy scared you like that, and I hope your placenta migrates STAT.

Congratulations on the great u/s, and I hope the two weeks fly by until you get to see your baby again.

Melissa said...

Oh my! Just reading the account of your scare made me so nervous for you! Even though logically i knew it would all be okay, since the title was "a scare" and all.. Good to hear everything is turning out well for you though!

Stephanie said...

Tracy I'm so glad everything is going along ok. I'm sorry to hear about your scare you had earlier this week. :( I'm glad though that everything is ok. Baby TayLynn is always in my prayers. :)

MidWestWife said...


You deserve this!!!!

Good luck with everything and keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

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