Sunday, March 2, 2008

Missing Piece By Lori Durante Rardin

Someone from my prayer group shared this touching poem about miscarriage.

Missing Piece
By Lori Durante Rardin

There are those of us
Who have had to bear even more.
When a pregnancy only occurs briefly,
Then our pain is like never before.

My body held a living life,
Apparent by the physical changes.
I could feel the difference in myself,
Nature was making its rearranges.

Then for some reason something went wrong.
The life was not growing as planned.
Nature discarded the problem,
And from me that life was disband.

My heart was torn away,
As darkness replaced that tear.
Emptiness, anger and despair abound.
Why is life so unfair?

Because of the months of trying,
Well-meaners choose a hurtful word,
“At least you can get pregnant,”
Does not console and is absurd.

It is like losing a limb
Dark and cold the bitterness feels.
A piece of my body seems missing,
No longer whole but peeled.

Then comes the anger at God.
How could he play this cruel joke?
Why tease me with my dream,
Then it’s gone in a masterstroke?

When the anger subsides,
I am left with only despair.
Pools of tears drop from my eyes.
The heart pain is difficult to bear.

Eventually I stop blaming the world.
I even blamed myself for a while.
The deep despair slowly lifts.
Looks like I’ll make it through this trial.

Even though the struggle was hard,
I take away many lessons to learn.
Free to look ahead at my future,
Yet my “missing piece” ember still burns.