Thursday, October 30, 2008

My "scheduled" induction

I had my Non Stress Test today. They put two monitors on my belly. One is for the fetal heartbeat and the other measures uterine contractions. I was instructed to push a button every time I felt the baby move. This is printed out on a paper strip for the doctor to look at.

I don't think Patches liked the monitor very much. He moved and rolled around A LOT! His heart beat would accelerate every time he started his gymnastic moves.

The OB said it was a great strip and the baby is looking fantastic.

The ultrasound estimates Patches at 8 lbs and 9 oz (just a little above normal) with a head circumference of 14 inches(average for a newborn.) He's definitely put on some weight since the last ultrasound. Probably all that halloween candy.

They wanted to schedule me to be admitted Sunday night for an induction for Monday but the hospital says they aren't accepting any more on their schedule until next Thursday. My OB doesn't want me to go that long over due.

So the office manager told me to go to the hospital Sunday night and tell them I'm over due and haven't felt the baby move for a while.

They'll run a NST and tell me everything is okay and then call my OB. At that point he's supposed to tell them to keep me and start an induction.

We're both really uncomfortable with lying to the nurses in labor and delivery.

One, I've lost two babies. I don't like saying something is wrong with this one! Two, if I lie, it's going to be pretty apparent if the baby has a great NST like today's. Then the nurse is going to know something fishy is going on. I'm sure this is a common practice that OB's use to get their patients in the hospital door.

I may call tomorrow and talk to the office manager about this some more.

I really hope Patches shows up sooner than Sunday night so this isn't a problem!

I have another NST on Friday with a quick ultrasound.

Pray Patches gets moving out!


Newt said...

What?!!? They told you to go to the hospital and LIE? Dude, that is batshit crazy.

Come on, Patches, time to get moving baby! I bet your mom is a really unconvincing liar!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I hope that things get moving before you have to put your scam into action. You don't want to piss off those nurses who will be taking care of you and Patches!

Oh Tracy I hope he comes out SOON!!!

Gena L said...

WTF! Patches needs some serious eviction action!!! Look how good of a mommy you are so far...he doesn't want to leave you!!! I hope he gets here soon!

Kristin (kekis) said...

Guess I'm a better liar than you would be. Of course, I would word it all differently just to get there (in order to avoid jinxing myself). What about calling BH big contractions and have them call your doc?

Just trying to help . . .