Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sorry for no update on Friday

I never updated from my Friday appointment. I was kind of tired of thinking and worrying about it.

NST and ultrasound was great. I didn't have an internal exam but the ultrasound tech said the baby had dropped quite a bit and was glad she didn't have to measure his head because it was so low in my pelvis.

We got them to actually schedule an induction on Wednesday night, Novemember 5. We have to wait for a phone call from Labor and Delivery until the hospital has room for us. It can be any time of the day or night. And if they are too busy it will be Thursday. But at least I don't have to lie about something being wrong with Patches to get in and we have a few more days to go naturally.

I have another NST scheduled for Monday am.

I've been having some lower cramping today but nothing regular. We'll continue doing our two mile walks every day and see what happens. Christopher has been feeding me lots of spicy foods trying to get something going.

So come on out, Mr. Patches!

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Maria (MKC101103) said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting for his appearance! I really hope Patches gets things going naturally for you before the 5th.