Sunday, November 30, 2008

Andrew's first bath!

Okay, maybe the correct title should be "Andrew's first TUB bath."

Because believe me, he's been bathed since we got home. We just had to give him sponge baths until his belly button healed completely.

He loved his bath! He fussed just a second when we put him in but then it was like a day at the spa. He was quite happy and content. Hopefully bath time stays fun.

Thank you, Bonnie for his little blue tub and the teddy bear sponge. We're putting those both to use. And thank you to Grandma Pericht for the towel set.


Maria (MKC101103) said...

How adorable is he!!!!!! How do you not just hug him and squeeze him all day long!?!??!

K & J said...

Hi there mommy!! He is so adorable! I loved reading your posts and birth story. Keep the pics coming!!

Gena L said...

So adorable!

**Sissy** said...

Wow! He took that very well! Carter screamed bloody murder when we tried using our tub like that. Then I discovered having Daddy bring him into me while I was in the shower to wash him and he loved it. Since then I have bought a different chair to use in the regular bath tub and he loves his baths now.