Saturday, May 9, 2009

And so it's time to move in a different direction

But still in pursuit of baby...

Sorry, I haven't posted much here after Andrew was born. It just didn't feel right. This is my "miscarriage/trouble trying to conceive then pregnancy after a loss" blog.

We have our family blog at where I *TRY* to keep up with Andrew.

I miss posting here! When it's time to try to conceive number two (and yes, there's much angst about that!) I'll be back here with all the TMI you know and love.


In February, I contacted the Bradley Method about pursing my childbirth educator certificate through them. After toiling over a very thorough application which included some essay questions and submitting my birth story, I got the phone call from Valerie at the academy saying I was approved! And not only did I get approved but she said my application was one of the most profession they had ever seen!

What a relief.

I had sweated over the dang thing, trying to make it just perfect. Unfortunately the formatting of the application left much to be desired so I ended up downloading a free trial version of Adobe. Ah, the extremes that I resorted to.

So that was completed! What did they have for me next?

I'll give you those details in my next blog post. More to come!

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