Friday, May 22, 2009

The Bradley Teacher Training Workshop

Orlando, FL

I promise there's pictures at the end.

Christopher and Andrew came up to the workshop with me. They were both invited to attend the workshop as much as they (really Daddy) wanted. The academy is very supportive of breastfeeding so they try to be accommodating to us young mothers.

Until I traveled with a 6 month old, I never knew how much stuff they required. Wowza. Daddy even disassembled and reassembled the jumperoo so Andrew could jump jump jump in the hotel room.

We rolled into Orlando around 1 am. I'm not sure what time it was when we actually fell asleep in our room at the Holiday Inn. But it was late. And the workshop started early at 8:30 am.

All three of us went down for registration. Margie and Jay greeted us warmly. We received our teacher materials, got our picture taken, and then it started.

Right away. My seat wasn't even warm yet.

A three page test!

I have to admit there were 3 vocabulary words that I had NEVER HEARD OF! What? I was completely stumped. I couldn't even come up with a guess at the definition. How could that be? And who is this Dr Barcia guy?

We then played some opening get to know you games which was a light hearted way to release some of the tension that test inspired. Andrew and Christopher participated too. We learned that there was another teacher candidate from the Homestead area (Yay, finally a Bradley teacher for Miami!) and several from West Palm Beach.

Margie then spoke until just before our lunch break. She and her husband, Jay have really made The Bradley Method their life's work. She told a really moving story about her first born son. They believe that the pain medication that she was given during labor affected him in a profound manner.

Remember that was back in the day of "knock 'em out, drag 'em out" obstetrics where the mother was given very strong anesthetics and the baby was pretty much forcibly dragged out of her. In many instances the mother might not even know her child had been born and most certainly could not hold her child immediately after birth because she simply was too drugged to do so.

Margie's son could not hold his head up at 3 months. He never crawled. He walked and talked late. He was labeled learning disabled in school. He couldn't read.

They were able to over come some of his disablilties and he eventually was able to attend college. He's now working in the IT field. Amazing story.

Well, the Hathaways eventually found out about Dr Bradley through a LLL meeting. They were all for having their future children without pain medication. Dr Bradley wanted them to come up from LA to Colorado 6 weeks prior to her baby's due date. Nope, couldn't do it. Not even 4 or 2 weeks. They ended up boarding a plane while Margie was in labor! They arrived in time for Dr Bradley to attend the birth.

They went back to LA with their precious family. They started training other teachers and working with hosptials to allow husbands in the delivery room. It was a very moving story.

The workshop was 4 days long, 8:30 am to 10:30 pm. Very long hours filled with amazing information.

Christopher enjoyed his daddy time with Andrew and the restaurant choices in Orlando. Pizzaria Uno and Chevy's are his favorites. We also ate quite a bit in the room thanks to our cooler and the hotel's refrigerator and microwave.
I never did master the in room coffee maker.

A total of 32 teachers were present, many with young babies. Out of those only 4 of us turned in our academic packages. Out of those 4, only 2 were deemed sufficient.

On Sunday, Margie announced we had 2 new Bradley teachers. My name was called! I'm officially a provisional (meaning student) Bradley teacher! Margie gave us some award prizes and a personalized signed copy of HCC. She said I would be listed on the national direction the next day.

Well it took two days, but here is the national directory link. I'm official!

Mommy getting some hugs from Andrew.

Daddy and Andrew studying.

Andrew made lots of new friends in the back of the workshop.

"This is MY book."

I'm getting my Bradley PR package after learning that I was accepted as a provisional Bradley teacher.

I learned so much during the workshop and am eager to attend it again the next year for a refresher.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experience at the teacher training. I'm planning to attend this fall! I had such a positive natural birth experience and can't wait to spread the word.

Stephanie said...

wow Tracy!!! That is so awesome, of 32 people, 2, and you were one of them! How exciting!!!

Stephanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Just curious, what were the 3 vocabulary words? And was the test rigorous, or a cinch? Did you learn new stuff?

I'm wondering because I'm set to attend the Sept. workshop and am completing the requirements right now. I've heard that all the workshop is is listening to M & J rant for hours. I'm hoping it's more educational than that.

Thanks for posting about this. I'm about to do the outline and wanted to get an idea of what they were really after in asking for this.

If you have a minute to respond to me via e-mail, my address is Sarah at the Cowarts dot org. Otherwise, I'll check back here in the comments to see if you were able to respond.

Thanks again for sharing!

roadrunner201 said...

So, um, who is this Dr Barcia? Because I have finished almost all of the reading and have not come across that name! I start the training in 4 weeks and now I am freaking out!!!