Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Anchovies Worked

Chris told me eating anchovies would help my follicles grow. Well it worked!

Today I had good news at the CD 12 ultrasound. According to the nurse, I have 2-3 mature follicles so out of those hopefully I'll have one good egg. It's great that I have maybe 3, but it's not a guarantee that any of them will be good ones. So far I have a track record of sucky eggs=miscarriages.

I didn't get to write down the exact numbers but here's the approx sizes:
22.something mm
18.something mm
18.something mm
17.75 mm

If there's a next time, I will write them down. I didn't think ahead today or I would have had a pen and paper ready.

I was instructed to bring the Ovidrel with me to the appointment. I reused the freezer packs and thermal envelope it was originally shipped in to keep it cold for the trip down to the office. It's been in my fridge since FedEx made the delivery.

After we did the u/s, the nurse gave me the option of her injecting me with the trigger shot or her teaching me to do it. If she did it, then I would get charged.
So I opted to do it myself. She prepared the syringe by getting the air bubble out of it. Then it was all mine.

It's a pretty short needle that goes straight into your stomach. It honestly didn't hurt and was easy to do. Chris said he had to turn his head away though. Do you think this guy will last in the delivery room? Wimpy! ;)

This Ovidrel will trigger ovulation in 36-48 hours. It's basically like a shot of LH to make the follicles release their eggs. I say it's like a shot of LH but in fact it's HCG- the pregnancy hormone which is chemically similar to LH. That becomes important later.

If the follicles over mature, then the egg quality goes down.

I'm so happy and thankful to God about the timing of this all. I was so stressed out on the timing with our days off work. If I had to go back in a few days for another ultra sound check, it would have meant a lot more time off work for the monitoring and Post Coital Test. This way even my progesterone blood draw next week and beta blood draw can be done on our normal day off.

We have to have sex tonight or early tomorrow morning, no more than 10 hours from our appointment. Then they are going to do the Post Cotial Test to make sure the CM is okay after taking the Clomid. If my CM isn't fertile enough or if there's only dead sperm left, then we have to do an IUI on Tuesday.

The PCT is kind of humilating but they do it all the time. I just don't like the idea of us having sex and then them checking on it! Chris said he wasn't going into the exam room tomorrow. He said he couldn't face the doctor if "the best part of him" was running down my leg. Ugh. He was so cute and understanding just a few days ago. What happened?

Hopefully we can save our time off and our money by skipping the IUI.


Will they have his eyes? said...

OMG Tracy! My DH has used that term too...the best part running down my leg. Guys are a trip!

Your follies sound great so I hope you have lots of luck this cycle!!!!!

Todd and Kristin said...

Here's to anchovies! I love your blog because it proves to the world that information isn't always TMI! I hope and pray that the IUI goes perfectly. Good luck to Chris, too! :)