Friday, November 9, 2007

HSG and spilliage

This is my last appointment with Dr G. I'm so ready to switch to the new clinic.

Before every procedure they do a pregnancy blood test. Blowing a fertilized egg out of the uterus is generally not a good thing.

So I had to get there an hour before my procedure was scheduled for this blood test. I go back and wait for the nurse to finish some other paperwork. Dr G is skulking around back there just outside of the blood draw area. I only look at him out of the corner of my eye. I really don't want to talk to him. Next thing I know, he's doing wall push ups. Directly across from me. There's a whole clinic and decides to show off directly in my eye sight. Weird, I tell you.

And again the blood draw is painless. Cheree is good but it still bothers me that she doesn't glove up.

I now go back out to wait for the blood test and the okay to take my 800 mg of ibuprophen.

They finally call me back. Again, I'm the last patient left in the office. I'm hoping the doctor isn't in a hurry for lunch or worse yet shaking from hypoglycemia.

We have some chit chat as I get prepped. "Slide a little farther down the table, please." I swear you can have your butt hanging off the table and they still want you farther down.

Mine wasn't an xray and it wasn't the SHG. I've had that one too. They used some different imaging options on the u/s machine. They had me empty my bladder so they could use the external u/s to verify they were getting the stuff into my uterus.
He shot my cervix up with novocaine. Then we waited for a couple of minutes to get me numb. He dilated my cervix and put the catether in and then the dye medium which had lidocaine added to it. Then they put the balloon to keep the dye from coming out. Then they switched to the transvaginal ultrasound. It was just very crampy but it never lasted very long. Deep breathing in and out helped control the pain. I got to see the pictures on the tv screen on the wall.

Everything is open and clear. I have great "spillage." My tubes are open. Well duh, doctor, that is probably how I got pregnant twice.

I have cramping now that varies in intensity. Nothing horibble so far. I feel like crap right now but I think that I'm hungry and feeling a caffiene headache. I didn't drink all of my coffee this morning. Maybe that's a sign I should give it up.

They told me to drink lots of water to help with the cramps. Maybe that helps your body to get rid of the contrast dye? I'm also to avoid aerobics. I don't think that was on my schedule today anyway.

It was awful trying to get out of there without setting up the IUI cycle. I hated to tell them because I wanted them to be nice to me.
Breaking up is so hard to do!
I told them we were going to Ohio to visit family for the holidays and were unsure of our travel schedule. :(
I tried to get a copy of the HSG images on CD per my new doctor's request but they wouldn't give them up. I even had them ask Dr G. "He doesn't do that." I'll get a release from my new doctor and fax it to them. Hopefully they will comply with the law and transfer my records without too much fuss.

I'm spotting a little bit. I took a regular pad with me this time. That clinic thinks pantyliners are enough for everything. Nope.

I'm free! I'm free! Buh-bye creepy skulking doctor! Hello, new RE!

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