Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I have DRUGS!!!

Fed Ex just brought my Clomid, Ovidrel, and progesterone!!

I have drugs! Yay.

And of course, he rang the the door bell while I was in the shower. I'd been up since 5:00 AM but didn't head for the shower until around 9:00. Stupid? Yes. I thought it was still early yet.

As soon as I started rinsing my hair, I hear the knock. I had actually ran to the upstairs window while dripping 1 minute before because I heard a noice outside. I was very anxious for my meds. So this time I see the truck outside.
I grabbed my shorts and tshirt off the floor, ran down the stairs dripping wet. Yelling, "yes, I'll be there just a minute!" I get to the door and struggled putting on my clothes while checking out the peek hole. Now yelling, "Just a second more!" I managed to put my shirt on inside out and backwards. I also had water drops on my glasses. Very cute!

I signed for the package and offered the driver a water or Pepsi. He declined. I wouldn't have taken anything from the crazy looking lady either.

I ordered from Freedom Pharmacy. Tricia recommended it and my RE office uses them too.
I need to check on buying Clomid locally if there's a next cycle. Again thanks, Tricia.

So here's my drugs and cost breakdown. I feel that it's cheap considering what injectibles will cost (approx $1500/cycle)

Clomid 100 mg a day for 5 days: $31.90
Ovidrel .5 ML shot $44.25
Progesterone 200 MG (30 caps) $75.00

The progesterone is for two cycles so it's not too bad. And it seems like overnight shipping is included. The Ovidrel requires refrigeration so that's the rush to get it delivered. I need to pick up my Baby Aspirin and I'm set!


Todd and Kristin said...

Clomid 100 mg a day for 5 days: $31.90
Ovidrel .5 ML shot $44.25
Progesterone 200 MG (30 caps) $75.00

A baby . . . PRICELESS. Lots of prayers that this brings your angel!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just wanted to share my only Clomid help. Try your local Costco- you can use the pharmacy even without membership, and it's WAY cheaper than I was getting anywhere else.