Monday, November 12, 2007


Today was my last BCP! Yay. I really hated taking those for no purpose other than to verify that my tubes were open. Two pregnancies in two months usually means at least one open tube. But just to be on the safe side, I did the HSG.

I picked up my St Joseph's Baby Aspirin and OPK's today. I'm increasing my folic acid too. I had read an article discussing that sometimes overweight women need more folic acid. There are also various clotting disorders that are treated with additional folic acid. I tested negative but I've also read some clotting disorders can test negative normally but show up only in pregnancy.
Trish gave me a good March of Dimes link that helped pushed me over to the mega dose of folic acid. It is a water soluable vitamin so my body should get rid of what it doesn't need.

I will ask my new RE at my CD 3 u/s but for now I'm going to increase my dose to 4 mg to start with. I have a feeling she will be fine with it since I'm on other preventative measures like B/A and P4.

I have a small bottle of folic acid 400 mcg to go through before I head to Sam's for the industrial size bottle. Again thanks for the tip, Trish.

400mcg X 7 pills = 2800 mcg + 1000 mcg (1mg) in my PNV= 3,800 mcg or 3.8 mg

Anyone want to double check my math? 7 freaking pills is A LOT of one vitamin!

For kicks, this is what I'm taking:

Prenate Elite
81 mg Baby Aspirin
100 mg B6
2800 mcg Folic Acid
20 mg Acipex
Patanol oph. solution
100 mg Clomid CD 5-9
Oridrel at LH surge
200 mg Progesterone starting 3 days post Ovidrel

I take more crap than my 87 year old grandma. I think that I may add some B12.

Now I just need get my period and my CD 3 ultrasound out of the way. Then here comes Clomid!

Who knows when old AF will show up. I haven't been on these BCP before and I've been spotting off and on all month. So really who knows? Tomorrow would work perfectly. Thanks in advance, AF.

As to "I think" I'm ready part: I'm pretty anxious. This is it. We finally get to try again. April seems like a long time ago when I got pregnant the first time. I worry about all the monitoring logistics with this Clomid cycle. I worry that I won't get pregnant. I worry that it will result in another chemical pregnancy. I worry I'll have a later miscarriage. I worry.

I worry Dr Creepy Skulker is right and my eggs suck.


Will they have his eyes? said...

My goodness you have a drugstore in your body!!

I hope you can find something to keep you from worrying so much.

You're in my thoughts daily.

Todd and Kristin said...

I assume that you, too, have a pill box labeled by the day - just like your grandma and I do. :)

C'mon AF. It's time to get Tracy's party started!